Do you know what one question every single person cannot resist?

None. That last sentence just proved it. 

The mind HAS to answer questions when confronted with them as a matter of survival.

Freddie asks the questions that lead to you as the only trusted authority when it comes to deciding your own future.

Now is a chance to discover you’re sitting on a treasure-trove of greatness, and you don’t even realise it.

You literally have a goldmine inside your mind.

Freddie gives you the map, the tools, we even help you dig it out and carry the load.

When you choose to take this step and you discover gold within you.

Life changes. Forever.

Discover how it’s done

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything

It Stalks You In The Night You lie there, willing sleep to carrying you away. Hoping and praying that the shuffling and sighing and tossing and turning will eventually cease, to be replaced by the sweet release of snoozing. But you remain disappointed. Brain spinning like a toddler atop a ...
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Stick… or Twist?

I Learned About The Power Of Decision-Making When A Man Held A Loaded Gun To My Head And Threatened To Pull The Trigger. Michelle Obama may say, “You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen” and nine times out of ten, she’s probably right. ...
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New Year, Old Me

As The Clock Stuck Midnight, I Lit The Fuse. The rocket shot into the sky with a high-pitched scream, yelling in excitement as its shackles were released and it reached for the stars. I hugged those nearest to me and we told each other this would be ‘the best year ...
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Telling Tales: The Dangers of Motivational Speaking

I’Ve Received Standing Ovations After Delivering Speeches To Audiences Of Thousands. Along The Way, I’Ve Made Them Laugh, Cry And, Occasionally, Think. And This Is Why I Can Tell You: A Motivational Speech Is The Last Thing People Need Right Now. Motivational? Quite the opposite. In fact, motivational speeches can ...
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The Freedom of Fear

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid? I’d stop seeking guidance from empty motivational quotes, for starters. You know it’s been a strange year when we find an element of comfort and security in Halloween. We greet what’s commonly considered the ‘scariest’ time of the year with a sigh ...
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The hardest choice

Sometimes We Must Kill The Things We Love The Most. This week I ended the little Facebook community I had created, and it felt like the hardest thing to do. But I also know it was an action I absolutely had to take. We all shy away from making the ...
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More knowledge, more problems?

If Knowledge Is Power, Why Do We Feel Powerless In The Age Of Information? In 1817, Thomas Jefferson, the American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, philosopher - not to mention the third President of the United States - used the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ in a letter to his friend, the ...
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Same, Same… but Different

"It Wasn't Bad, It Was... Different" The Words No Man Ever Wants To Hear. In fact, being told we are ‘different’ is something we try our hardest to avoid. We want to fit in, be accepted by society, a member of a tribe, and generally believe that we are part ...
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