Just Start

Why is it so difficult to get started?

We know what we want to do, and we have the desire to do it.

So why is it such a struggle to take that first step?

We are told to ‘dream big’ every day. It’s impossible to scroll through YouTube or social media without being bombarded by some sort of message telling us ‘if you’re not scared by your goals then they aren’t big enough’. Great, thanks for that, society.

Dreaming hasn’t ever been the issue. In any single day, I would formulate plans to circumnavigate the world, start a dropshipping business, launch a political career which would get me into 10 Downing Street in five years (and back out on the street in five and a half years) and get my helicopter pilots licence so I could move to South America and earn danger money flying in and out of drug-cartel warzones.

I was fine with dreaming. It was doing something about it that was the problem.

Take this website and business adventure as a slightly more realistic, feet-on-the-ground example. I’ve wanted to launch an enterprise to help people set foot outside their comfort zones for SO long. It wasn’t even that I chose to do it. It chose me. I was destined to do it…but it took me years to realise.

Despite wanting to do this forever, and being filled with excitement and passion at the prospect…I was never able to start.

The timing was never right, or I was too busy in the dayjob, or I didn’t have the skills, or the money, or the right photos, the experience, knowledge, support team, technical abilities….

…the list goes on and on.

It’s a pity I launched this website in February 2020, because if I’d faffed, delayed and dilly-dallied for just a few more weeks, I could have used Coronavirus as an excuse to NOT start until 2021.

And the reason I didn’t start sooner?


I was scared I would fail. Fearful of family, friends or strangers laughing at me for even trying. Petrified of no-one liking what I created, or even noticing.

I was terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone…to launch a business, website and blog to encourage people to step outside their comfort zones.

Please send the ‘Irony of the Year’ award my way.

But here’s the thing I realised: There is never a perfect time to start.

Was I 100%, perfectly prepared before I ran 200 miles across the Sahara Desert? Or standing on a marathon startline in wellies as I attempted to break a world-record? Or building myself up to walk on fire?

Absolutely not.

In fact, when I look back on it, my total lack of confidence, skills and awareness absolutely terrifies me.

But I still did it, and I came out the other side. And now I wouldn’t change a thing.

Getting started isn’t half as scary or difficult once you do it. The important thing is you take a breath, close your eyes and go for it.

So now, I’ve started…


…Will you?

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