If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything

Sleepless night? We’ve all been there. They tell us to follow our dreams…but really, should we? If we are lying awake, wondering and worrying about what might happen, is it really worth it? Or maybe it’s time we learned how to stand up for ourselves. Stand up for our goals, stand up for the futures we want to create. And this article shares the little-known secret of how to do it.

Because if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

Telling Tales: The Dangers of Motivational Speaking

I’Ve Received Standing Ovations After Delivering Speeches To Audiences Of Thousands. Along The Way, I’Ve Made Them Laugh, Cry And, Occasionally, Think. And This Is Why I Can Tell You: A Motivational Speech Is The Last Thing People Need Right Now. Motivational? Quite the opposite. In fact, motivational speeches can be limiting, discouraging and disheartening …

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